Digital Content Platform

The digital content platform OCULTOTV was created with the key objectiveof focusing on hidden culture, hidden talent, or at least that which ishard to find. In a society immersed in mainstream culture, Murcia’s Culture Department proposes to stop and take deeper look through an audiovisual platformthat will facilitate access content that is sometimes almost impossible to trace.

In its line of democratising and popularising culture and the arts by making them accessible to all types of profiles, the platform seeks to make Murcian talent visible and thus constitute an audiovisual showcase for emerging creators.

The objective is to exhibit all the audiovisual heritage of Murcia with free access and for all audiences. Thus, artists and creatives will find on this platform a vehicle to make their art visible. It will also be an effective formula to give a second life to projects that have already finished their distribution phase. Once the community is created, its expansion will be sought, including proposals to nourish, educate and introduce users in to kinds of sensitivities and artistic possibilities.