Medieval Murcia

The Medieval Murcia Project intends to recover our roots and connect Middle-Aged Murcia to the Murcia of the 21st Century. It aims to unite our heritage and history and project it outside the city and towards the future. It can be defined as a heritage strategy project that responsibly collects our concern towards preserving the city’s medieval heritage, along with the need for the goods and values that conform this heritage to not only be let intact for future generations, but get enriched and transmitted effectively.

As in other parts of Spain, Murcia was a meeting point between cultures: Muslim, Christian and Jewish. These three groups coexisted peacefully during part of the Middle Ages. Their coexistence was, without a doubt, enriched Murcia on a cultural level, as each one of them contributed essential elements that complemented each other.

The heritage of the medieval city, in terms of urban fabric and monumental landmarks, is perceivable in much of today's Murcia. The patrimonial inheritance that they left in the “huerta” is equally visible, especially in the irrigation systems and infrastructures that have their origin in medieval times.