LAC is an artistic laboratory located in the Barrio del Carmen neighbourhood, to meet the existing demands of the art and culture sectors in Murcia. An art centre to stimulate visual arts, critical thinking in the world of artistic culture and a decided approach to intercultural dialogue.

It is designed as a cultural facility that will allow us to discover the most recent artistic manifestations through different exhibitions and programmed activities.

In addition, the commitment to the dissemination of contemporary art will always be underlinedas being an indispensable instrument to understand our world and become aware of the issues and concerns that affect not only artistic creation, but also society in general.

At the same time, the LAC has been conceived as a platform for the production and exhibition of visual, theatrical, literary and musical arts with the aim of building bridges between the different bridges between other cultural sectors.

Calle Cartagena, s/n, 30002 Murcia - Cuartel de Artillería