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New 2030 Cultural Model

Murcia City Council offers on this website all the information regardingNew Cultural Model for the 2020-2030 decade, a proposal with the main objective of providing support to artists and creatives in all stages of their professional development, whilst also valuing and giving new life to the cultural resources of the municipality.

+ About the cultural project

A new cultural management model

An open and accessible model

This open model seeks to integrate culture throughout the municipality, making it available to all citizens. In this way, anyone will be able to enjoy the culture that resonates through the streets and squares of the municipality, in an open way that defines city of Murcia through the “Murcia in the Streets” initiative. There will be a stable culture programme throughout the municipality thanks the Cultural Districts, bringing cultural content to allneighborhoods of Murcia.

In addition, cultural content produced in Murcia can now be viewed from anywhere in the world through a new digital platform, making culture accessible to all.

everyone’s issue

Culture, as an essential activity in our society, is everyone's responsibility and right. To this end, the New 2030 Cultural Modellaunched by Murcia City Council will involve the active participation of the entire society to materialise. We all have a fundamental role in supporting culture, from citizens by attending events, artists through cultural creation and production, and social organisations showing their support for these initiatives.

Sponsorship and patronage of cultural activity will also play a key role in this project. Thus, in this way, culture is everyone's issue.

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